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Documents Needed 

Our system will tailor a list of items specifically to your current situation. Your loan officer, processor, or underwriter may ask for clarification of additional items that may arise given your unique circumstance. 


Below is a general overview of documents that may be required during the home loan process. 


Your Property

  • Copy of signed sales contract including all riders

  • Verification of the deposit you placed on the home

  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of all realtors, builders, insurance agents and attorneys involved

  • Copy of Listing Sheet and legal description if available (if the property is a condominium please provide condominium declaration, by-laws, and most recent budget)


Your Income

  • Copies of your pay stubs for the most recent 30-day period and year-to-date

  • Copies of your W-2 forms for the past two years

  • Names and addresses of all employers for the last two years

  • Letter explaining any gaps in employment in the past 2 years

  • Work visa or green card (copy front & back)


If self-employed or receive commission or bonus, interest/dividends, or rental income:

  • Provide full tax returns for the last two years PLUS year-to-date Profit and Loss statement (please provide complete tax return including attached schedules and statements. If you have filed an extension, please supply a copy of the extension.)

  • K-1's for all partnerships and S-Corporations for the last two years (please double-check your return. Most K-1's are not attached to the 1040.)

  • Completed and signed Federal Partnership (1065) and/or Corporate Income Tax Returns (1120) including all schedules, statements, and addenda for the last two years. (Required only if your ownership position is 25% or greater.)


If you will use Alimony or Child Support to qualify:

  • Provide divorce decree/court order stating amount, as well as, proof of receipt of funds for last year

If you receive Social Security income, Disability or VA benefits:

  • Provide award letter from agency or organization


Source of Funds and Down Payment

  • Sale of your existing home - provide a copy of the signed sales contract on your current residence and statement or listing agreement if unsold (at closing, you must also provide a settlement/Closing Statement)

  • Savings, checking or money market funds - provide copies of bank statements for the last 3 months

  • Stocks and bonds - provide copies of your statement from your broker or copies of certificates

  • Gifts - If part of your cash to close, provide Gift Affidavit and proof of receipt of funds

  • Based on information appearing on your application and/or your credit report, you may be required to submit additional documentation


Debt or Obligations

  • Prepare a list of all names, addresses, account numbers, balances, and monthly payments for all current debts with copies of the last three monthly statements

  • Include all names, addresses, account numbers, balances, and monthly payments for mortgage holders and/or landlords for the last two years

  • If you are paying alimony or child support, include marital settlement/court order stating the terms of the obligation

  • Check to cover Application Fee(s)

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