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Conventional Loans


Conventional loans are the most popular loans. Our conforming mortgage loan limit is currently $417,000. Call our loan originators for details about our Jumbo Loan Programs for mortgage amounts over $417,000.

99% Loan to Value

  • You pay 1%, gifts 2%, up to $5,000

  • 720+ FICO

  • DTI per DU findings

  • Expanded counties available with no AMI limits

  • Close in 30 days or less

  • Available with no monthly Mortgage Insurance

97% Loan to Value Conforming Conventional Loans


  1. Loans for First Time Homebuyers with income limits to serve low to moderate income borrowers with Reduced Private Mortgage Insurance Coverage.

  2. Loans for First Time Homebuyers with standard private mortgage insurance

  3. No first-time homebuyer requirements and standard private mortgage insurance

  • Maximum 3% seller contribution allowed towards borrowers closing costs.

  • Gifts allowed from relatives.

  • Owner Occupied Properties Only

80.01% – 94.99% Conforming Conventional Mortgages


  • Down payment may be gifted

  • Standard Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Coverage Required

  • Seller contributions allowed

  • 3% Max. 90.01% to 95.00%

  • 6% Max. 80.01% to 90.00%

80% Loan to Value or Less Conforming Conventional Mortgages

  • No PMI Required

  • Allows up to 6% seller assistance for buyer’s closing costs. 

  • Investment property lending up to 80% (Max 2% Seller Assistance)

HARP 2.0 (Home Affordable Refinance Program) 

If you have a current loan with Fannie Mae that was originated prior to May 31, 2009, Harp 2.0 allows you to refinance our current loan even if you owe more than the property is currently valued at.

  • Up to 175% LTV/Unlimited CLTV

  • No DTI restrictions (approve/eligible findings)

  • Appraisal Waivers honored

  • Condos and high balance loans are eligible up to 125% LTV/CLTV

  • M.I. transfers allowed with our HARP 2.0 with M.I. program

  • .75 max cap adjustment



Important Notice: Interest Rates and Maximum Loan-to-Value may be based on Credit Score, Property Type, Occupancy, Purpose, Investor, Insurer, Loan to Value and other factors. Additional investor, insurer and JSS Funding, Corp. criteria/conditions apply to all products. Information provided is for illustrative general use only and does not contain all qualification and automated underwriting approval requirements. JSS Funding, Corp. reserves the right to change this information at any time. Meeting any of the criteria does not constitute a commitment to lend.

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